Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Labor Day! We worked all day! lol!

After we went to Starbucks and ate our delicious pumpkin muffin, which I made yesterday, from Scratch, we went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping.

We then went home and started sewing.  We sewed faster and faster, yardage flying around the room  and still nothing much to show.  But then there was Vicki and she pulled up on the inside, changed to the outside and passed all the other work horses to win the event with a score of 12 quilt squares completed.  I will admit that she was smiling a big smile and had a look of satisfaction on her face....although I forgot to capture that picture!

Do not talk to Vicki while she is working....she is concentrating and we don't want her to loose focus               
These are the two quilt squares that Vicki is making.  The first one is called a 9 square and the second one is called  3 Dudes.  We are really excited about the 3 Dudes square as it can come out several different ways.  The 3 Dudes own a quilt shop in Phoenix.  We have always wanted to go to their shop and now we really want to go.  The shop is owned by 3 guys!  What fun and I hear their shop is really nice!

The kids got home today  from San Diego.  Agood time was had by all!

This is all I have for today!


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