Saturday, September 21, 2013

Beautiful Day!

It was suppose to be cloudy today with some drizzle!  But we have to account for the fact that this is San Diego.  We have clear skies and sunshine.....go figure!

This morning we went to Starbucks in Mission Valley and then  decided to go into the Sprint store to see if they had any iPhone covers.  Now remember we are AT&T, not Sprint.  Anyway as we were entering the store, a young man who worked there, was going into the store.  I asked him if I had to take a number to buy a phone cover.  He, come on in and I will help you!  We picked out our Defender cases and he put them on for us and did a couple of tweaks to correct a few things.  I thought it was really nice of him to do all of that!

Vicki is very focused on her new phone....hello, hello are you there?

                This is my new phone is pink and white!

We had a nice lunch with Mary Lou...went to the decor! None of us were laughing our heads off today!

Vicki went with Jerry to the Mall of is a few yards from the border.  She was supposed to take pictures and send them to me!   Hmmmm do you think she forgot! 

She did not forget...she took these two pictures with her new iPhone camera...Wow! did a good job!
The colors and the details are great.....good job Vicki!

On our way to dinner there are a lot of very nice houses and well kept yards!

This little guy watched over us while we had our dinner....and my Sangria too!

Vicki just saw this Lexus sitting on the street and as quick as a wink she put it on her Amazon Wish list!
Looking down the street towards the bay, as we were walking home from dinner!

Our adventure on the  Amsterdam does not start until Monday the 23rd....Enjoy tomorrow and Monday in Los Angeles!  Jeff is flying into L.A. as we speak!

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