Monday, September 23, 2013

Time to board the ship!

This morning, of course, we wen to Starbucks in Mission Valley.  It was beautiful our...just like being in Hawaii!   After we had our coffee we went out to Parkway Plaza so that Vicki could get a massage!

                                    It looked so nice outside today, I decided to take a picture outside!
                                      This is Hawaii......can't you tell by the flowers?  lol!
                   I really do think I am too big for this motorcycle.  I wonder why they made it so small!

Welcome aboard the Amsterdam!
Go and check out your room....ours is wonderful ...ew will meet you at the pool!

Today is the day!  We are in Los Angeles and tis is what your cabin looks like!  Hope you enjoy the cruise!  Please remember....we, like you, are virtually on this cruise!

I hope that all of you picked out this cabin for the cruise...we may as well live it up since we really are not paying for it.....,,if you would like I will work up a virtual bill and present it at the end of the cruise! lol!  i must tell you all...up until yesterday...I thought we were going to Austraillia!  I am very disappointed....although, where I got that idea is that it is on next years itinerary!

Cruising  "The Ring of Fire," on the HAL, AMSTERDAM  Grand Pacific and Far East Voyage!
Pre-cruise day!  09/22/2013

What a beautiful day in Soutthern California....Jeff's new camera is doing a wonderful job!

These pictures are impressive....guess I could not get my new iPhone to take a picture like this!

                              There is nothing quite like a California day at the beach!      

I love this mission and all the swallows!
                            I cannot say enough good things about Jeff's new camera!

What an amazing day….  I was picked up by my friends Larry & Carol Faragher who are in the Los Angeles area visiting for a couple of months.  We heading down the coast to explore a little bit of California today.  First we headed to Newport Beach where we go hung up for a while if a “Walk for the Cure” major detour.  We finally made our way to Newport beach and the pier.  It was a lot of fun walking the beach and checking out all the surfers.  We spent a couple of hours there and headed to Balboa Island.  We took the ferry over and then walked around the island.  Then it was back over the ferry and on our way toward Laguna Beach.  We eventually stopped for lunch and relaxed a bit.  Our final stop was the Mission San Juan Capistrano.  What a great stop!!!  The historical ruins were great and so were all the beautiful flowers.  I felt right back at home again after a long layover….  Here I was exploring, snapping way too many photos and even capturing a lot of lovely flowers along the way….  Feels like I am certainly ready for the ms Amsterdam and the adventures ahead.  I am so ready for the Grand Pacific & Far East Voyage to begin tomorrow….  I am particularly excited to be reunited with my cruise family….  What a great day!!


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