Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hurt my hand. Day 1, Los Angeles

Well, I guess that today has to start with last night.  For some reason, without knowing it, I tore the skin off the top of my right hand.  It was not pretty and Vicki and I are not good at blood and stuff!  I called Mark and he told me what to do, considering the limited resources we have here in the condo.  This morning I decided that since I am diabetic and don't do blood and guts, that I had better go to a walk in clinic!                                                                                                
The P.A. did a nice job of fixing me up!  It was already healing and did not look TOO bad.  That is what she said!  Since it was a tear she could not sew it up.  Do you think it was because the skin on my hands is too thin for stitches?  There it is ....the age issue again...how rude!  lol!

I know you are getting tired of me ranting about Starbucks new pastries.....but I found out today that San Diego will not be getting them until March...now all I have to do is figure out how to stay here until March.....hmm, can't do it!  Anyway today we were able to have our old favorite pumpkin cream muffin!  Really good...better than anything in the new selection of pastries!

Yes we are really enjoying these muffins....outside, in Mission Valley, San Diego...God's country!

Tomorrow we are heading back to Arizona...I guess it has cooled off since we have been gone!

Welcome to the msAmsterdam and my virtual cruise, The Grand Pacific and Far East Voyage!
   Photos from Jeff Farschman's blog...     http://amazingvoyages2.blogspot.com                                         

Day 1 Los Angeles, California

What a great day!  The day to embark the ms Amsterdam finally arrived.  I got on the ship early and immediately started seeing old friends.  It is like a homecoming, just perfect. I spent the day balancing my time between sitting poolside taking in the perfect sunny weather and getting unpacked.  The sail away after our lifeboat drill was fun, again connecting with old friends and meeting some new ones.  Before dinner I went to the Crow’s Nest and joined Leslie & Handler for drinks.  It was fun but a bit disappointing than Serendipity, the fabulous group that plays there wasn’t scheduled to play until later…. Apparently they have been replaced with Pub Trivia, hmmm….  N eed to work on that!  Dinner was great, wonderful to dine with my friends Brad, Gloria, Jim, Jessica, Leslie and Handler. The food was amazing!  I went to the show after dinner which was a welcome/introduction show… well done!  Then I tried to do my blog…  couldn’t connect so…. You are getting it now.  It was a  great start to my voyage and now it is time to relax & enjoy…

Today and tomorrow are sea days on the Amsterdam!


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