Thursday, September 5, 2013

What's up today?

Let's take a look at our up early and met Sally and George at Starbucks.  Went from there and ran some errands.  Went home and spent the rest of the day cutting out quilts.  Vicki went to the dentist and had a tooth fixed.  At 4:00 we went to Panda Express and picked up dinner for Rosine!  Left there and went across town and met Mark and Tami for dinner.  No kids!  It was strange....empty nest syndrome.  Headed back home and now we both have had our showers and are ready to watch TV for awhile!

             While we were at dinner we got a text from our sista Nancy.....she does not look happy....she is at the Bronco's game and it is raining!  I think she wants to go home!

Vicki and Mark always have a good time when they get together....I think they are having a good time!

We are having a good time too but we are having a hard time getting this picture taken.  Tami leaves tomorrow for Topeka for her drill weekend and from there goes to Colorado Springs, for work, for the week!  She comes home for 1 day and then she goes to Armenia for the week to help them set up a disaster drill!  She is so busy....we were happy to be able to have dinner with them tonight!

 This is my birthday present and it lights up at night and it is powered by solar!  It is my is me!
Thank you all...Mark, Tami, Joshua and Aaron!

We had a nice day!  Hope you had one too!


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