Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dy 4, Happy Birthday to me!

Today was the perfect day.  Who could ask for anything more than to be where the weather is perfect and to spend time with dear friends!

Happy Birthday to me!  Had a great day and in spite of myself I did not buy an iPhone 5s.  The day started off with getting lost on our way to meet my friend of 55 years, Mary Lou.  After we got that all settled we got down to the event at hand and the mission of eating.  We were to meet Mary Lou for her birthday on the 5th of July but I was in the, today we celebrated both of our birthdays and the 55th Anniversary of  our friendship!  We have gone through a lot together and we raised 4  of our children together...a lot of which we did on the phone while we ironed our husband's military uniforms.  Now days we would just send them out!  The uniforms, that is! lol!

Vicki has known Mary Lou for 20 years now...we have been through a lot of fat and thin together!  lol

Speaking of fat and thin...didn't I weigh 130 when I met you?  lol!

Here we are getting down to business!

We don't care about fat and thin...leave us alone with our Swedish pancakes!

I have wanted this German Apple Cinnamon Pancake for 20 I am having it!  lol

Okay, so we went home and took a nap because of our big it is time to do some serious shopping! lol

You girls did a good job shopping...Enjoy!

I love this is so colorful...Kipling!

Thank you Rosine and Vicki for my presents!

Jerry and his watch took us out for dinner for my Birthday...Thank you Jerry and your watch. He no like picture taken!! lol!

Happy Birthday old Gal!....OOPS!  lol!

A surprise gift from, you cannot see it!  But every 75 year old needs it!  lol!

So, tomorrow we will show you the purse collection.....I forgot to take the pictures

Be careful out there!S'



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