Monday, August 12, 2013

New Quilt not right!

We have decided, after much deliberation, the quilt square is not right.  They sold me bright orange, bright pink, bright lime green and a nice muted medium purple. I will use the purple for the border.  As much as I love bright colors, the selection was just too , too, much....even for me!  lol!  I will stay with the print and now I need 2 shades of one color.  I am going back to my original idea of blues!  So, tomorrow we will go for coffee at 99th and then go to the fabric store.  With a little bit of luck I will remember to take some pictures!  lol!  Of course, I forgot to take some pictures while in the quilt store.  I do believe these colors are going to look much better.  I should have a block made by tomorrows blog!

Now this is much better.  Can't wait to see it!  It is a simple pattern but then I am simple minded!  lol!

Mark and Joshua came oner and trimmed our cactus again while we were in San Diego.  That was just 2 weeks ago.  The cactus are going crazy again...hopefully, 1  of these flowers will actually bloom!

                          These are absolutely amazing plants!

                          There are a couple here that look promising!

                       I guess Mark and Joshua have green thumbs!

Today we went to visit Rosine.  All I  am going to say is is not easy for any of us!

Tomorrow we have a very busy day!

Be careful out there!

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