Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Slept in!

Well, here we are and we did not get up until 11:00.  Let me tell you how this happened.  Long about midnight I went to bed and started reading my book.  A little while later, Vicki came in and before I even thought she had settled down....boom, she was asleep!  Now, Sleep was questionable....she was thrashing, jerking, moaning and snoring.  After about a half an hour, I decided to remove myself to the living room and get in my chair.  Now, up to this point I had had a good day, food wise....but my heart had been  palpitating since early afternoon.  So, I took a pill and decided to have a morning bun...then I had a second one...then Vicki got up and she had 2 morning buns....then we both had a pumpkin cupcake!  Vicki went off to bed and I got on my computer...the next thing I knew was that it was 4:45 and I was heading to bed.  At 11:00 Vicki's little voice said...time to get up, it is 11:00!  I have never done anything like this before!

Off to Starbucks we went and then to Bed Bath and Beyond to get a mattress pad, followed by a run in the sewing machine shop and then a hop over to Frys and we picked up a chicken.  Then we dropped by Rosines place and put the pad on her bed.  Then it was home we go!

I think this will be very pretty!

Now for a picture of my favorite family.  It is very interesting watching them over the next year!

I know a lot of you do not like any of them but their foundation is doing a great job!

Done for today!


When we got home I finished cutting out the new quilt!  Here is the first square!

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