Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another new Starbucks!

Today we took off on another new adventure.   We went out to what I call "4 corners".  For those of you who live in the area it is at Lake Pleasant and Happy Valley Road.  It is exactly half way to where the family lives.  It is a really nice Starbucks and it only took 3 minutes longer than going to where we used go.

There are tables both on the west side and in the front.  This is actually better than our old one!

This store is very nice and spacious.  There are a lot of tables.  This is so much bigger than our old one.  It also does not have all old people!  lol!

Our next stop was at Hobby Lobby where we bought a table to put Rosines TV on.  This one will go at the foot of her bed.  This will allow her to be in bed and watch TV.  Vicki went to see her mom today....she went by herself......I was not up to it....stayed home and did more cutting on the quilt!

Davin called today using face-time.  It was then that I saw my bald spotted head.  It particularly looks bad with my hair so dark.  Sunday at 11:00 I will be having a perm and it will serve 2, it will lighten up my hair and two it will fill it in so that I don't look so bald.  I really think it has thinned out the last couple of months. It is very sad to think I use to have enough hair for 2 people.  I think and I am prejudice, Mark wears the bald head much better than I!  LOL!  It is really not funny but if I don't laugh about it I will certainly cry!

Okay, this is all I have to report for today!

Be careful out there and you all have a wonderful weekend....remembering that a lot of you are only a few weeks from your first snowfall.....110 here again today.....give me snow and give it to me right now!  lol


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