Sunday, August 18, 2013


It is amazing that another week has gone by!  But it is true and here we are facing a bunch of new challenges.  We all know we will face them whether we want to or not, that is just the way it is!  So, onward everyone....go get em!

This was a bad eating day....bad is an understatement...we started the day off with getting the car washed and Dunkin Donuts Blueberry cake donuts.  We followed this by going to see Rosine and had a very nice visit with her!

Rosine was telling us how she has the people at her dinner table exercising before dinner.....while they are waiting to get into the dining room!  lol!  She is a the secret to this exercise is that you have to reach as far as you can until you start shaking and yelping!  Go, Rosine!  lol!

Now that Vicki has the right idea....she is just a stretching, yelping and shaking!  Go, Vicki!  lol!

I am trying, I am trying....shake, stretch and yelp!  I've got it!  I think!  lol!

This is Aaron's little dog....he is very sociable and not a cry baby!  He just waits patiently for what he wants!
                                       Good job boys...nice picture!  Okay Aaron, give him a treat!

Mom, you said that this is a bad eating what else did you eat besides the donuts?      I ate a bunch of veggies....and you know the rest....cheeseburger, hash brown casserole, peach pie and homemade vanilla ice cream and then I will go home and have the black forest cake!  Why did you make me say that, Tami?  lol!
This is Mark's  first try at making a pie and it was delicious.  The homemade vanilla ice cream was wonderful too and Vicki went bananas over it.  I hate it when she sits at the table shrieking...OMG, this is wonderful!  l                                                                           

I make good ice cream and now I make good pie too!

Tomorrow we are going to be so sorry we ate all that sugar.....or maybe we will be sorry tonight! lol!  We are so bad!                                     

I can't believe that you two ate all of that....I think I am going to be sick just watching you!  lol!

On this note I will say good night!

Be careful out there!

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