Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 5, the Zoo!

Today we slept in and then we went to Einstein Bakery for breakfast!  It was fun to go there and we were able to talk to Glen, who has worked there for almost 32 years! Of course , I forgot to take his picture.  One of the boys who work there said, "Glen has worked here longer than I have been alive!"
Well, I guess that does sum it right up!  I met Glen 24 years ago and it has been so nice to see him in there whenever we go there!  Today,bless his heart, he told us that we  have not aged since he first met us...he was not kidding!  lol!
This bagel shop is about 1/4 mile from our house, next door and across the street is our Starbucks but we like to go down in the valley where they have trees!
My pictures did not turn out very good today.  I am not sure why...maybe something got changed but I don't know what it could be since it is my iPhone.

So, the pictures are few and far between !                                                    

                                                       I love the Giraffes.
            I think this is a hippo but it could be a rhino...I really don't want one for Christmas even though I like the song..".I want a hippopotamus for Christmas...only a hippopotamus will do."la la la!  lol!
Okay, the yellow purse is mine but we are taking it back tomorrow and exchanging it for one like the gray one only in the color of the purple print  makeup pouch in front of the gray purse.  The wallet on the left is mine.  Vicki has the gray purse, the printed purse and the little cosmetic pouch, front and center!

For dinner, we went with Jerry, to Wang's.  It is such a beautiful place but I did not do was too loud...I could not hear Jerry or Vicki , most of the time....the noise gave me a headache....the food was not as good as last time and to finish me off....I swelled up like 2 stuffed pigs!  I can't go back there...can't see, can't hear, don't like the food and don't like pigs in my belly! lol!

Be careful out there!

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