Saturday, August 17, 2013

OMG! We broke a record today 114 degrees!

OMG!  I am so sick of this that I could scream!  114 degrees today, for a record.  This has been going on since May and my nature is disintegrating which makes it even harder for me to tolerate upsets in our lives!  We are not due to go to San Diego until the 15th of September...I can't take it much longer.  Okay, you win....I will tell you what Rosine said to us the other day!  She said that all we do is complain about the heat...."why don't we just move to San Diego?"......NO,  I am not going to tell you what happened next!  SO, now we are not allowed to say we are hot or that the weather is hot!  lol!  I think!

Yesterday  we had lunch with Rita and Mary and after lunch, when we came to the house, Rita took this panoramic picture with her iPhone!  It is so cool!

Today was a rather slow day.  Vicki and I went to coffee at Starbucks, then to Walmart for some groceries  and then home.

Tami and Joshua came by and they did their, "honey do" list!   Joshua fixed the TV, the sound bar, Netflix, our razors for quilting and then Tami, Joshua and I turned the mattress!  That wore us all out and we were finish for the day!

Being the good person that I am....I made cupcakes for Vicki...yes, I ate 2 little ones when they came out of the oven...carrot cake, yum!  Then I cut all the yardage for the quilt!Vicki went to see her mother and I continued on my crusades.  I took my shower and watched a program about Peru!
We have decided not to order anymore Nutrisystems.   This is why I made cupcakes for us.  The cupcakes are...1 box deluxe carrot cake mix, 1 cup water and 1 can ,15 oz pumpkin!  No fat...about 200 calories which is about the same as Nutrisystems stuff!  Then  Now I am going to go and wait for my dinner!

Rosine was busy this afternoon trying to entertain Nancy and Bobby.  Vicki did not stay long!  We won't see her tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are going out the family's to have dinner and maybe get in the pool!  The salon cancelled my appointment for my  perm for tomorrow.  So I am not sure what I will do!  I will either get a perm or have the color lightened!

There is a storm in the area.  The wind is blowing so hard that it knocked one of our lanterns down and it broke.  I could actually feel the glass on the window, I closed the curtains and I am trying to forget about it! lol!  works for me!

Going to sign off for now as I am getting scared!

Be careful out there!

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