Friday, August 23, 2013

Goody, goody!

Goody, goody, tomorrow I get to wash and condition my hair  The back of my hair looks like a dogs butt!       Vicki will shave my neck, the part on the back of my head will be gone and all will be well!  Right!  lol!     And guesss what else....she rolled one side up and one side down....My friend Vicki saw her do it ....."I wonder what she is doing?.......That is what I would like to know!
 I ma never recover from this trauma or from the trauma of going bald and having the back of my hair looking like a dog's butt!
We ran into 2 guys from the other Starbucks.  It was the Jewish man and the Episcopalian!  Had a little chat with them...they said Sandi and Irwin were in there on Wednesday....thank goodness we were across town!

We saw Rosine today and the 3 of us all sat there trying to go to sleep!  It was not a pretty picture! lol!

My keyboard is dying....night night

Be careful out there!



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