Monday, August 26, 2013


We are getting use to sleeping in.  We are getting to Starbucks in time for an early lunch...but we  are having breakfast.  So, this is making our day run on a later schedule.  Just finished dinner and it is after 7.

After coffee we went to the quilt store and bought some backing for Vicki's quilt and I picked up some purple for the next quilt.

 Vicki picked out her orange backing for her quilt.  I picked out a purple fabric for the new one I am starting.  We always get excited when we see all of the pretty fabrics!  Right now I am trying to use up the yardage that I already have.  I think I am missing a box but since I have started rearranging the garage,  I know I will find it!

Rosine was so funny today!  She had us in hysterics......she really looks pretty  today......she was telling
 us about what happens when they come into her room in the middle of the is a picture so you can visualize it!!

Okay, here is her bed.  We just put the small TV at the foot of the bed so she can watch it at night after they stick her in bed for the night!  This is what she said....they come in to change my diaper, they raise up the bed so that they won't hurt their backs...then they slam me against the wall because I can't roll over on my side by myself.....the bed is up so high that I slam against the picture....then they talk to me with that funny talk and I can't understand a word they are saying!   She was laughing the whole time.  She imitated their talk.  We said ....we can't understand you...laughing, she said...I can't understand them either....we thought she was having trouble talking and it was us that could not understand her!  We were hysterical!

Vicki and I went home and worked in the sewing room.  Vicki set up her sewing machine and shortened 4 pillow cases.  I cut out the pieces for the next quilt.  Tomorrow we will go to another quilt shop and I will get a foot for the machine that will allow me to do, "free motion quilting"  This is quilting with a regular sewing machine.

This is all for today!


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