Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rembering Louis!

Yesterday was the first anniversary of , our friend, Louis Goldman's death.  Although we only knew Lou for a little over a year, we had the opportunity to learn a great deal from him.  Lou's sudden death gave us the opportunity  look at our lives in relationship to the effect we have on others.   Lou never knew the impact he had on our lives.  In fact, we did not realize that impact until he was gone.  We can only say "Thank You Lou" for making us more aware of the needs and vulnerability of others, and the effect we have on everyone around us!  On this day we are remembering Lou and his humanity and saying a special prayer for the family he left behind!  R.I.P. Lou!
Louis Goldman, August 6,2012

Here we are at the Spa for a new adventure!  I don't know what I want done, I just want someone to do
something different!  lol!

Well, I am getting done and I hope I like it!  I told her to make it darker with more red in it....the red will wash out if I don't like it!
Paige is our new beauty operator.  She is pretty, skinny and has pretty hair!

Vicki's color is perfect and so is her cut.  She really looks cute!  My hair is definitely darker and reder and shorter.  I came home and gave myself some bangs and the look was much improved!  lol!

Rosine is evidently feeling okay but irritable .  Vicki was able to get her to talk about the past and she did laugh a little!  Someone stole a whole box of See's candy out of her refrigerator and then even ate some out of the box that was open!  That really makes me mad...what kind of person would steel an old lady's candy?  lol!  If I find out who it is I will beat the chocolate right out of them....don't they know it is dangerous to steel chocolate?  lol!

Be careful out there!

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