Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Another Day!

Today we had to get up at 7:15 as the housekeeper came today....we had to clean house before
she got there to clean it!  lol!  Off we went to Starbucks and had our breakfast.  At 9 we went to the quilt store and I looked at the sewing machines.  Well, the one I really liked was $4K....more than a cruise....what does a blind person need with a $4K sewing machine anyway?  So, I settled for pattern for a tote bag.

After the quilt shop we went to Costco and got 4 items.  For some reason I did not sleep well again last night and woke up with a really sore back.  After we got home and had lunch, I took a Tylonol and took a nap in my chair.  Vicki went to meet her mom at the dentist.  When I woke up, my back was much better.

The cactus is still trying to bloom and one of the stalks is already back up to the roof!  Mark and Joshua are not going to be happy about this!

Iam so excited....I washed my hair and conditioned it again and now I actually have curls...I am still bald but you can't have everything!  lol!

Please keep our friend Roger in your prayers.  He has recently completed treatment for cancer and is doing quite well but was admitted to the hospital with a temperature and a racing heart.  We are thinking of you Roger and wishing you well!

See you all tomorrow!


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