Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Slow Day!

I still am so surprised at how fast time goes by...here we are already at the 6th of the month.  Our day started at Starbucks as usual.  Well, not totally as usual...we went to the new Starbucks...talked with Skip, the lady we met yesterday.  Also talked with a couple of guys from our old Starbucks.  That, in deed, was interesting!

Had our Spa day with Shelly...it is always so good to see her and I swear, she should be Tami's  sister!
It is always fun to play catch up with Shelly.  Shelly fixed our toes, raised our eyebrows and generally dehaied us!

I wonder what Page will do to my hair tomorrow....I guess it would help if I knew what I wanted!  lol!

Tomorrow is our hair day with our new beauty operator, wonder what she will do to me!  lol!

We are loving our Direct TV....the color is so good and the sound is better too.  I was so excited about it that I dreamed about it....right along with the fresh ciabatta buns that I put in the freezer yesterday!  lol! It is making my mouth water....too bad they are not on Nutrisystems....if they were I would go and have one right now.  lol!  I am so bad....and like it like that!  lol!

We went to see Rosine today.....she was awake, alert and complaining.  It really is too bad that she does not enjoy each and everyday.  But I will say ....she is in control....or thinks she is....she keeps everyone hopping!  It still amazes me how she looks at every single hospital bill ....after looking at them today, she exclaimed....it was a waste of money for me to go to the hospital when there was nothing wrong with me!  "You were almost dead"  I said.  "Who said?"  Okay, how do you deal with that one?  By shutting your mouth....and so I did!

Be careful out there!

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