Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Melinda

Today is Melinda's birthday!  I am not sure where they are but here's to you Melinda!

Melinda and Todd changed careers last summer and this was Melinda's new haircut

In June, right before the career change, Molly and Dexter were married.  Molly is my only grand-daughter!

In May of last year, Tyler, the youngest grandchild, graduated from high school!  It was a busy summer for the Leed Family

Tyler also went to basic training last summer and joined Molly in the Air Force National Guard!
On one of Todd and Melinda's trips east they were able to be in Biloxi and see Tyler graduate from basic training!  Now Todd and Melinda are going independent and they even bought a truck.  We are looking for them to come our way before too long!
                          Happy Birthday Melinda...have a margarita for me!

We went to see "The Butler"  today and it was quite good!

Have not done my hair yet, we will save that for tomorrow!


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