Thursday, August 22, 2013

All is well!

Today we met Sally and George for coffee and it was good to see them...we did not solve the problems of the world but that is okay.

Last night I worked on my hair....put a few rollers in it so they would lift up the hair and cover the bald spots.  It Worked and I am much happier today.  So, those of you who like me best in bangs...get over is not going to happen until I grow some more hair!  And don't hold your may never happen.

              Too bad there are no bangs!  lol!

Vicki went to see her mother....she is having her own set of problems...there she sat with a finger nail file in one hand and her false teeth in the other.....just filing away to beat the band....I knew she was a beautician in this life but she must have been a dentist in another life!  lol!

I spent some time squaring up my squares for Vicki's quilt.  Now I am ready to sew it together!

Starting on September the 20th we will be featuring a virtual cruise.  This is a 78 day cruise that I would love to go on.  The ship is the Amsterdam again.  We will be starting in Seattle and ending in Los Angeles.  This will be a dry is on my wish list....please don't get is a virtual cruise only!  lol!  It is amazing how many people thought we were really on the 115 day World Cruise! lol!

Nothing else going on here so I am going to sign off!

Be careful out there!

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