Sunday, August 25, 2013

It is Sunday again!

Today we slept in!  Did not get to Starbucks until almost 11:00.  Tried their black and white cake....haven't looked up the calories yet.  It won't be good.

Well, my hair is not too bad.  I put a special conditioner on it and it feels pretty good.  It actually looks short....that is because of the perm.....the only place it was cut was in the back!  Life can go back to normal and I can cut down on the drama!  lol!
Vicki's hair is looking good but she is looking around for someone to give her a perm in a couple of months.  She went to see Rosine today and I stayed home and worked on her  quilt.  She was able to help her mother get from the wheelchair into the Lazy Boy.  Rosine said"Sandi would be proud of you that you helped me all by yourself."
I finished Vicki's quilt top today.  Now we will go and get a pretty shade of orange for the backing.  I am quite pleased the  way it turned out.  I think changing to the blues with the print was a good move!
Now I am going  to go and pull out some more fabric for another quilt!

This is all for today!


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