Thursday, August 8, 2013

A golf course at Little America,Cheyenne Wyoming!

Yesterday I received a picture from my son Todd and his wife Melinda.  They are burning up the roads all over the United States and living an adventure.  Below is a picture of a golf course that is part of the truck stop at Little America, Cheyenne Wyoming!  This is really nice!

             Todd and Melinda are at a Little America truck stop,  in Cheyenne Wyoming!  Pretty nice, I would say!
                  They also took this picture of the double rainbow in Cheyenne Wyoming!

In looking through Todd's pictures I discovered this picture!  I did not know it existed.  I would be very interested in seeing this monument!  Thank you Todd!
         Statue commemorating concentration camp liberation by the United States — at Liberty Park Nj.

As you know, we had our hair done yesterday.  Here are a couple of shots to see what we had done.  With mine, you either love it or you hate it!  Rosine hates it and asked me why they could not get it right!  I actually think I will like it after it is washed a few times!

I really like Vicki's.  It has multiple shades of blond...not gray!  lol!  A few more haircuts and all the gold will be gone!                                                        
I think it will be perfect after I wash it...I also like the cut...I fell neat and not all shaggy!

We are having quite a time with our Nutrisystems plan.  Vicki has had to stop eating both the breakfast and desserts as they are giving her gas!  Tonight she prepared a risotto dinner and we could not eat it as we could taste the chemicals in it!  The breakfast and the desserts have a very strong taste of artificial sweetener and also a chemical taste.  We have been back on the plan for the last 3 days and are really struggling with the whole process.  I am going to call and cancel our next order!

So we are not sure what we are doing!  I talked to Nutrisystems and they made a few suggestions so we are going to continue with the plan.  We have about 18 days of product left  before we have to re-order!

Today we went to coffee late!  We went to our new Starbucks and there were Sally and George!  We had a nice visit with them and , of course, explained why we are no longer in their coffee group!
                                                        It was nice to see Sally and George!

Time for me to move on and have a snack!

Be careful out there!

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