Friday, August 16, 2013

Off we went to Starbucks #2.  Our old Starbucks is #1 but we have not been back there for 3 weeks now!  We miss some of the people but we will meet more nice people as we create our new routine!

                 Starbucks #2 is at 99th st.  It is a nice size and has a few outside eating areas.

 It was nice to come here today...we ran into Cecil and he comes here all the time.    So it will be nice to know someone here!

After we left coffee we went to Costco and then ran home to put the groceries in the fridge.  Then off we went to discount Tires and ....oops!  We forgot to take the groceries in the house.....okay, we can do to QT for a bag of ice......put it in the Rachel Ray bag and then back to Discount Tires... Left the car and walked a block to meet Rita and Mary for lunch!  Hot, hot, hot walking over there!  We may have walked a block but it was too far...I thought I was going to pass out!

Had a nice lunch with Rita and Mary and they they followed us to our house where we gave them a tour.  The tour took all of 2 minutes!  We gave them a set of bamboo sheets and sent them merrily on their way!  ......We always enjoy seeing them!                                                                                             

                          Rita does such fun things with her photos.....she, of course, uses her iPhone!                

                                                   I am not sure why there is a line down my face!

                                         This plant is going crazy....I wish it would bloom!!

Vicki installed a sound bar on our TV today!  She did a good job!

We did not see Rosine today.....Vicki will see her tomorrow when her brother comes to town!

I was watching the news on CNN and I saw this picture!  This picture takes my breath away!

                  A new normal in Egypt!  Trying to carry on with fighting in the distance

I feel a little foolish signing off with my usual signature so I will just say a prayer for Egypt instead!


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