Friday, August 9, 2013

I finished the quilt!

Today I finished the quilt.  Of course, I did not have my sister quilt it, I just tied it in 5 spots to hold it together!  It does not look too bad...and I did every bit of it myself...of course, it looks like it!  lol!  Now I made this quilt to take on the cruise we are suppose to be on now!  We were suppose to leave for Europe last Friday!  

You know, I think I can hear that quilt yelling at me from the other room..."take me on a cruise...I have been waiting for a long you hear me?  I demand it!  You owe me....she has been sticking me with pins for what seems like forever, I need salt water to heal my wounds!  When can we go?"

"Oh no, she put me on the bed and she is going to close me up in the wall....someone help me...I need salt water for my wounds!"   lol!

Ignore the yelling you hear from the other is only the quilt acting like a baby!  We are having a sit down dinner. This is the  first time that just the two of us  ate at the table, since we moved here 6 years ago!  True!  lol!

It was 109 today!  I am sick of it ....I need salt water....lots of salt water....I need to heal my heart procedure!  lol!

We went for coffee this morning....talked to Sally and George for a few minutes and then they were on their way.Went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought a curling iron.  Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you....on Monday I found out that my boyfriend from QT has been transferred to a new location!  "I need salt water, I need salt water to heal my broken heart!  sob, sob!  lol!

He will be missed....he is really a nice guy and an ex-Air Force pilot!

About Rosine!  I don't think she is doing all that well.  Today when we walked in she was in her wheel chair sitting in front of the sink with the cabinet doors open and appeared to be cleaning under the sink...actually she was trying to get ready to go to lunch and she feel asleep right there in her wheel chair.  Okay....but the water was running!  What can I say.  She was not very friendly!.

Okay, I am done for is time for me to go and find some salt water!

Be careful out there!

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