Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

By now you know that I did not write a blog yesterday.  So, lucky get 2 days for the price of one!

Yesterday started with a visit to Paradise Bakery where we shared a bagel.  It was okay but did not come close to the old Starbucks pumpkin loaf.  In fact it is a disappointment   After coffee we ran over to see Rosine so that we could go home and sew on our projects.

Rosine had just had her shower and was all ready to go to lunch.  She looked very pretty!

Friday morning, bright and early, Joshua and Mark took off for San Diego.  They arrived there about noon and they were to go to the airport around three to pick up Tami, who was flying in from the east coast. I am not sure where the boys are or what they are eating but they are enjoying the water!

Well, now I see that they are at Seaport Village and this is when they took the picture below!  Poor Joshua has lived in Phoenix for 2 years and
 this is the first time he has been able to make it over to San Diego.  I hope he has a good time!  It is very warm over there!

Tami took this picture on the bay at Seaport Village.  Vicki and I have never seen it....WOW! sure is a big reminder of all the military in San Diego and in particular the military of WWII  Vicki and I will have to do down to Seaport Village and take a look at it the next time we go over there!

Rosine has been really looking good for the last several weeks.  It is nice having her laughing again!

Today was another day.  We went to Starbucks and did not see anybody.  After that we went and got our drinks for the day and came home and puttered around.  I finished the 1 hour quilt and it took me 3 days.  There is no way you can do it in an hour or less.  I think there are some things that they are not counting!
                                     My lines were pretty straight too!  I am getting better!

Today Joshua sent this picture of the TV room in San Diego to show us that they had moved the TV back to the other wall so that we can have the murphy bed installed when we go over there next time!  Thank you Mark and Joshua!

Vicki is working on a quilt and she got her pieces cut today to make 3 blocks,  We need to figure out how we can get the table up higher so it does not hurt our backs!

Vicki has wandered off to get her shower and I am about to wander to my chair and turn on the TV.


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