Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hot, hot, hot!

I think it only got to 109 today instead of 111.  I have not heard the official temperature yet as it reaches the high between 5"00 and 6:00,  Needless to say, we are hiding in the house and have been home since noon!

Today we went to the car wash and picked up Joshua and he left Tami's car there to be detailed.  Off we went to Starbucks and after a few minutes Sally and George came .  They have not seen Joshua for at least a year and were happy to play catch up with him!            

Josh will be leaving to go to the airport as soon as Tami's car is detailed!
I really think I have cabin fever.  You know, it is a real thing, experienced by people who are shut in, live where it is a long winter, live on an island or who live in Phoenix!  lol!  Why last night I laid down and tried to make an angel in the carpet!  The faster I went the hotter I got...I thought that making an angel would cool me off....I wonder what was missing?  lol!

We went to see Rosine this morning.  Everything is about the is like walking on egg shells...oh well, we should be use to having to do that!  lol!  And not just with her!

Well, I put a quilt block together and it is not very good...but you can get the idea of how much better the colors are....the blue it is sitting on will be the border!

Okay, I am going for now!

Be careful out there!

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