Monday, August 5, 2013

Direct TV

Today is the beginning of our new routine in SCW!  We started our day casually with no rush about where we needed to be.  It also started with us getting weighed.  We each gained 2 lbs and we were quite pleased.......God knows we ate everything in sight....had to eat it before it ate us!  lol!

We went to a new Starbucks is actually not new....we know some of the people who go there.  A nice lady named Skip asked if she could join us....I was looking forward to having coffee with just Vicki as you know, we never have alone time!  lol!  We had a nice visit with Skip and another lady one table down wanted to join us but it did not happen today!  We took our Nutrisystem muffin and had a protein drink with the muffin.

After we had coffee, we went to QT and then Vicki took me home so that she could go to the dentist and then to Costco.  I am at home waiting for direct TV to come and so, I decided to start the blog and play with my Photo Booth!  Here is a picture I took!

It is really strange how the shape of my face has changed over the last 6 years.  It use to be rather square......I guess it is just getting is not weight related!  The nice thing about this picture is that it gives the illusion that I have a little bit of a neck!  lol!  Did I hear one of you say"your illusion"  lol!
I am not sure that is my nose!  lol!  Now that you mention it, I am not even sure that is me!  lol!

Vicki just called and she is finished at the dentist and is now on her way to Costco.  She wanted to know if anything was going on here....duh.....I am not sure what she is thinking but whatever it is, it is not happening here!  lol!

It is finished, direct TV is installed and the Century Link guy just left!  Now all we have to do is set it up on our computers.

This is all for now!

Be Careful out there!

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