Sunday, August 4, 2013

Here we are at home!

Okay, here we is hot.....I love this house....wish I could move it to San Diego!

We went to Starbucks before leaving San Diego and had our last pumpkin bread....if you have never had it....get it before the new baked goods are in...have it heated!

Tomorrow we start back on Nutrisystem.  This means we get weighed in the morning and set back on the program.  So, we will see how it works as there are some gas problems....GI!

On the way home we had lunch in Yuma at out favorite place.  We had a wonderful fresh turkey sandwich, we split one.  Then we took a brownie and a cookie with us...that is one brownie and cookie each!  lol!  They were both delicious...we just ate the brownie a few minutes ago and it was really good!

Yum yum!

Tomorrow after we go to our new coffee place, Vicki has a dentist appointment and then Direct TV will come in the afternoon.  Vicki may have to go and see Rosine by herself and I will wait for Direct TV.

So, for now I will say good-bye and hopefully will have something fun to talk about tomorrow!
Be careful out there!

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