Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Busy day!

Today was a very busy day and it did not include a trip to see Rosine.  We have decided that Tuesday will be our day off!

Coffee at Starbucks.  We have a lot of places to go and it is suppose to be 109 degrees today!
                         Vicki is looking for nail polish forQueen qrosine!

Here we are at Coldwater Creek trying to do as much damage as possible!  They are having a really good sale!  I bought 10 shirts and Vicki bought 6....we must be going on a cruise and I don't know it!

  Vicki is going to Macy's to buy some bras and I am going to wait right here!  Yes, I know that Vicki is sitting in the chair....she is resting before she goes to get the bras!

We had lunch at Rubio's where we were able to have 2 street tacos and stayed within our diet restrictions!  It was really good!

         We are in Costco and we are ready to go home...we forgot to take a picture in Best Buy! We bought a sound bar for the TV in San Diego!  One more stop...QT, of course!

I have not made a quilt square today.  It will have to wait.

We are meeting Joshua at Toyota at 8:30 in the morning and will have breakfast while they work on the car!  Then we will go see Rosine before she goes to lunch!  When we get home I will work on the quilt!

You are not going to believe this .....I ordered Christmas presents for everyone in the family today....we bought everyone the same thing....all 11 of them....if they already have one they will have to send it back....not me!  lol!

We have not made it to Curves yet.....but the thought is there!  lol!

Be careful out there!

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