Sunday, August 11, 2013

Starting a new quilt!

Today I am starting a new quilt....Vicki wants it for her very own.  After I assemble a square I will take a picture of it....I mean I will do it today.  I had an interesting thing happen yesterday.  Vicki went into a watch shop to get batteries for her mothers watch.  I decided to trot right on down to the quilt shop.  It felt so good to be back in there amongst the wonderful fabrics.  I could just be a fabric collector and just sit and look at all of my collection.  I do have a collection, of sorts, but it is not of 1 yard pieces or more.  Anyway I found this package of 21/2" x 42", fall colored fabrics.  All pre cut and I could not resist.  Do I know what I will do with them?...No!  But they only cost me $42. lol!  I just about had a hemorrhage! I am thinking I had better find a use for them and do it quickly!  lol!  I don't want the quilt police to come and get me for buying under false pretenses!  lol!

This will be the square, every other one will be this and every other one will probably be a blue!,
                This will be the border.  I ordered some square rulers from Amazon as I had a credit there!

Today we met the family at Paradise Bakery, it is out where the family lives.  We decided that we like it better than Starbucks and will meet there every time.  Everyone was excited and everyone wanted to talk at once.  Tami got disgusted as she could not finish her story so she got up and moved to the end of the table by Vicki and me!  lol!  The men kept laughing and giving her a bad time but she survived!  lol                                                                         

                   I think she is making her point and telling her story...I think she won this round!  lol!
 I am really ready to go to work and I am enrolled in school and I am working out and watching what I eat!  I am also in a contest to grow facial doubt I will win!  lol!
Okay, I am going on days...the official announcement should come tomorrow.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed!
                      Mark insists that the way he looks when I take his picture   is the way the really looks! lol    
My turn, did I tell you that they are announcing the iPhone 5s on September the 10th.  So, maybe I will have it in time for Todd's birthday!  lol!

Vicki went to visit her mother today.  I stayed home and started working on the quilt. Rosine was doing fine and was very en grossed in the TV show about the kidnapped girl from San Diego.  Vicki did not stay long!

We have decided that everyday that we will plan our goals for the day and that we cannot do fun things until the goals are met.  Our usual mantra is " we don't really have to do that today, let's wait until tomorrow".  Making the goals everyday has worked very well for us, all this week and we are feeling pretty good about our accomplishments!

I am getting hungry.  I don't think it is really hunger but me wanting to eat something sweet.
It is getting close to dinner time so I guess I shall wind this up and get ready for my 235 calorie dinner!  lol!

Tomorrow we start back to Curves.  This will make us feel better and hopefully it will help with the weight loss.

Be careful out there!

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