Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Judy!

Today, August 10th is my sister Judy's Birthday!  Judy and Olias are spending the summer managing a camp grounds in Northern California.  They live up there for about 5 months out of the year.  For this reason they have fixed up their RV just like they would fix up their house at home!  4 years ago, before they started doing the camp ground managing, Judy taught Vicki and me to quilt.  Judy is a very good quilter and she has her own long arm quilting machine.  During the 7 months that they are in Yuma, Judy has a quilting business.  She is a very busy person, much busier than her sister!  lol!  I have a tendency to do more thinking about doing than I actually do!  lol!

Happy Birthday Judy!

See how nice their place is even all fenced in so that the 3 little dogs can have outdoor time!

Here are the 3 little dogs and their daddy Olias, who also spend 5 months in Northern California!

This is the quilt that Judy and her DIL made for Vicki and me!  She gets fancy!

We had coffee today at still another Starbucks!

We have not hit all the Starbucks yet....give us time!

Today we saw Rosine.  She looked good and was having fun laughing and remembering her live in Walsenburg.  It was good to see her having a good time.  She also has been winning at poker for about the last 5 games.  She better throw a few or they are going to get tired of playing with her!

We still do not know what we are going to do about the Nutrisystems.  We have 2 weeks before we need to make a decision.  So far I am still down 4 pounds.

Oay, that is it!  I don't feel funny today!

Be careful out there!

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